Only Approved Millboard Decking Installer – Dublin, Ireland

Total Carpentry Ireland is proud to be Ireland’s First Approved Millboard Decking Installer and is currently Ireland’s only approved Millboard Decking Installer.

Mats Olofsson, a Swedish Builder/Carpenter living in Ireland for over 20 years, is the owner of Total Carpentry Ireland. Mats has led many residential and commercial projects in both Ireland and Sweden and is a true craftsman when it comes to working and building wooden structures be they houses, cabins, decking or other structures for comfortable living enjoyment inside and out.

Mats leads all projects to ensure that the work is completed to his exceptional standards. For Mats the work is about not only what can be seen with the naked eye, but what happens behind or under the facade. This commitment to premium quality in both workmanship and product choice is the difference Total Carpentry Ireland makes to the successful outcome of your project.

Why We Love Millboard

When it comes to decking we want you to experience the best. Don’t settle for anything less! Be confident in our ability to give you the results you want using superior decking and cladding products from Millboard so that you with your family and friends or work colleagues may enjoy them for years to come. Ultra-low maintenance, with anti-slip certification Millboard installed by Total Carpentry Ireland is the recommended choice for both home and office outdoor environments as well as forest parks and boardwalks around lakes or by the sea.

Millboard Versus Timber Decking And Composite Decking In Ireland

Forget about timber decking in our Irish Climate. It looks great for the briefest moment and then slowly disintegrates in our damp, unforgiving weather thus requiring ongoing labour intensive upkeep, hosing to keep the moss and algae at bay as well as regular repainting …only for it to rot and change from the centrepiece to the eyesore of your once beautiful garden. Forget about standard composite decking too. While it may require less maintenance than timber decking it doesn’t always look that great and its life span is limited by the way it is manufactured. Choose Millboard and have many years of uninterrupted pleasure without the hassle and upkeep. It comes with a 25 year residential warranty if installed by a Millboard approved installer – that’s what we can offer you today.

And rest assured, Total Carpentry Ireland is fully insured.

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