Because no composite decking is made in the same way as Millboard decking, no composite decking can match Millboard’s stunning good looks or exceptional performance.

1. Millboard Decking Collections

We have the Millboard Enhanced Grain Collection or the Millboard Weathered Oak Collection for your choice of finishes.

2. Matching Edging and Fascia

We supply matching Millboard Edging and Fascia which offer the perfect finish to your decking. There are two types of edging – square and bullnose both of which have beautiful wood grain right round the profile. Designed to resist high wear points, the edging comes in all the Millboard colours to match the rest of your deck. Click here for more detailed information.

3. Millboard Decking Plas Pro subframe and Accessories

Although out of sight, what goes on beneath your deck is as important as its surface. The Millboard Plas-Pro subframe system, made from solid, 100% recycled plastic, needs no maintenance and won’t suffer from insect attack or damp – you can even use it to support a deck over a pond. Along with a range of joist supports and self-levelling pedestals for ease of installation, it is designed to last as long as the Millboard decking it supports.

4. Millboard Wall Cladding

Create your ultra-low maintenance stunning wall effect with Millboard Cladding today!

Click here for more inspiration and information on Millboard Wall Cladding