Edging and Fascia – Creating An Expert Finish

Ensuring the perfect finish every time! Millboard Edging and Millboard Fascia offer an expert finish to your Millboard decking experience.

Millboard’s unique fascia and edging options are an essential part of the Millboard decking system that lifts it above all traditional decking options – both timber decking and conventional composite decking – giving it a finish that adds distinction to any setting.

Please Note: We are not currently selling Millboard Edging or Fascia products through our online shop. If you wish to add Millboard Edging and Fascia to your order please ring us on + 353 1 9610098 or email us on ordernow@totalcarpentry.ie.

Millboard Edging

Whether it is our Millboard Enhanced Oak Grain Collection or our Weathered Oak Collection we have the matching edging to suit your choice. Millboard Edging is designed to resist high wear points and comes in all the Millboard colours to match the rest of your deck. Square and bullnose options are available in both standard and flexible edging. These are unique to the market having beautiful wood grain right round the profile.

Millboard Edging Technical Specification

Download Edging Specification Sheet – PDF Format


Millboard Bullnose Edging And Fascia
Millboard Standard Bullnose Edging And Fascia

Standard Edging

Standard Edging comes in both straight and bullnose options. It has beautiful wood grain right round the profile.

Flexible Edging

If you are considering a curved decking design, the flexible bullnose edging fits easily around curved edges for a truly distinctive finish.

Millboard Fascia

Millboard Flexbile Bullnose Edging
Millboard Flexible Bullnose Edging and Fascia

Millboard Fascias are as beautiful as the rest of your Millboard decking solutions and will provide you with a smart finish to your Millboard deck. Given the same care to highlight their wood grain, and in the same Millboard colour to match the rest of your deck, they help set your Millboard decking apart from all forms of other decking, both natural timber and traditional composite decking.

Millboard Edging and Fascia an essential part of the Millboard decking system. They lift it above other traditional decking options be they timber decking or conventional composite decking, giving it a finish that adds distinction to any setting.

Fascia Technical Specification

Download Fascia Board Specification Sheet – PDF Format

Millboard Edging and Fascia are part of the complete Decking Solution and System offered by Millboard and Total Carpentry Ireland. Contact us today for more information on our supply and installation service.

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