Millboard has a number of solutions which work in tandem with its decking. These include Plas-Pro, self-levelling pedestals and hidden head fixings.

What is Plas-Pro?

Plas-Pro is the perfect support system for our all-weather flooring, and a durable, hardwearing and practical solution for spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, fishing platforms, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it won’t rot, split or crack.

Plas-Pro is made from 100% recycled plastic. Using selected graded materials and cleverly engineered processes, not only brings the key environmental benefits but the assurance of superior quality performance.

Being impervious to water ingress Plas-pro will not rot, swell or split like wood, making it particularly suitable around water and damp environments such as jettys, fishing platforms, roof terraces and boardwalks ensuring a maintenance-free solution.

Self-levelling pedestals ideal for decks and terraces

Millboard self-levelling pedestals are ideal for podium decks and terraces.


The innovative adjustable head ensures easier, faster and more stable installations. Their smart design allows pipe work and services to be laid beneath Millboard, whilst also improving breathability and reducing rot which can occur to roof timbers or in the case of a timber sub structure being used instead of Plas-pro.

The weight of the joist is spread evenly, creating a sturdy support, and reducing pressure on the membrane. They’re available in incremental adjustable sizes, from 40-300mm giving you complete control of the height of the area. Read more.


These unique, hidden decking fixings make installing Millboard simple. There’s no pre-drilling, counter sinking or clip fixings needed – all you need to do is screw them in. Read more